How is YepDesk Useful to Organisations ?

YepDesk is an online event management tool that you can work standalone or integrate with your existing websites.

YepDesk is a free cloud based application,which offers features like event creating, planning, managing & scheduling event, online registration, form building, embedding registration form to the event page, resource & task management, online paper submission for conferences, event attendees management,and Ticketing platform.

YepDesk will help you in managing all your events right from the smallest meeting to the biggest event function of your organisation.

YepDesk offers you a free platform wherein you can plan and schedule your event, Add Tasks, Add resources, manage attendees, send emails as well as send invitations to more than 5000 people at a time. You can also keep a track of your expenses and budget as well as of all the transactions.

YepDesk in total is All-in-One Event Management Platform.

To know more about How to Sign In as an Organisation click here:

How do I sign up with YepDesk as an organization ?

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