Embedding Registration Forms into your website

YepDesk Registration Form And Embedding it into your website

  • Ask for details about your attendees.
  • Take registrations.
  • collect information about people interested in your events.

All you would need to do is:


1.Start by sign up or login on YepDesk and creating your Event. 


2. Fill in all the details related to your event i.e; what ,when and where the event is happening.


3.After creating the event on YepDesk, select the event type in settings as Registration, you will be able to access the registrations tabs.



4. You will then need to go to Packages in the Registrations tab and to do so click on the Add package button.



5.You can go to the Addons Section under the Registrations tab and click on the Add Addon button.


6. You will need to go to the Registrations Settings tab under Registrations tab to change the settings about your registration form.

7.after you are done filling up all the details regarding the Registration form, go to Event Details and then to Sharing and Integrations.

These links will help you to share and embed your event and registration form on your website.







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