Event invitation Emails

YepDesk offers you with Event Invitation Emails feature.

  • Send invitations
  • Send large number of mails


 All you need to do is Sign up and Create the event on YepDesk.

1.After you have created your event on YepDesk. You can go to the Attendees tab to end out all your invitations.


2.click on the Invite button


3. Select the contact source, whether google contacts, imported contacts from file in .csv or .vcf form, YepDesk contacts or you can type in the contact details manually.

4.Select the attendees from the list.

5.The next step is to go to selected attendees and confirm the attendees that you have selected.

6.Preview the invitation that you would like to send to the selected attendees. You can also add images, brochures, videos or documents to the invitation as well as attach multiple files to all the emails.

And now you are all set to send the invitations out!

YepDesk also offers you to send emails to more than 5000 people at a time. As well as each email will be send out like a personal email without the name of YepDesk and the email will not have any details related to the other attendees that the email was send to.

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