RSVP Events

An amazing Event Planning Feature- RSVP.

What is RSVP??

You can now invite people and ask them to respond to your invitation.

Steps to follow for RSVP events:


1. Start by sign up or login on YepDesk and creating your Event. 

2. Fill in all the details related to your event.

3. Select RSVP in Settings


3. You can send event invitation emails, to invite all the attendees.

Click here to know more:

Event Invitation Emails


4.The invited person can select any one option from:
Yes, I’ll be there; Maybe; and Sorry I can’t make it. At any point of time, the invited person can change the status about attending the event or not. 


  • This feature will not only help you in knowing the exact number of attendees that you will have but also, you can personally manage the attendees that you would like to invite.
  • Only the invited people can attend the event.
  • The event organizer as well as the invited person will get all the notifications about the event. 
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