Public Web Page for Event

Public Event webpage will have all the information related your event.



1. Event Image: Event image will contain logo or image related to that event.

2.Event name: Event name will be visible on the head of the web page.

3. Organizer's Name: The name of the organizer or the organisation will be listed as well as the link to the organisations page will be there.

4.Date and time: The start date and time of the event as well as the end date and time is shown.

5.Venue: The short description to the event venue is shown.

6. Registration / Ticketing: The button for registering or buying tickets is also visible on the web page.

7.Event Comment: you can see all the comments for your event.


1. Event Description: All the description related to the event will be visible here.

2.Facebook Link: Any one can share the event on Facebook via the share on Facebook option. 

3. Save to Calendar: people will be able to save the event on their google calendars.

4. Organizer's Details: it will contain all the details of the organizer. 

5.Event Schedule: A detailed Schedule about the event with the timings is visible in the event schedule option.

6. Website: you can click here for visiting the official website. 

7.Event Location: With the help of event location, finding the event venue on google map is very easy. 


 You can share the link to your event web page to all your guests as well as on your social media. 




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