Profile page for Organization

At YepDesk we focus on providing everyone all the data related to events and event organizers.

There is a separate page dedicated to each organisation.

  • These pages contain all the information about the organisation.
  • The organisation name and logo as well as a small description about the organisation.
  • The profile page also has links of the organisations official website and also the links of organisations Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • All the events of the same organisation are also listed on the profile page of the organisation.



To get your own Organisation Profile Page as you need to do is :

1. Login to YepDesk with your account or sign up if you do not have an account. you can use your Facebook or Google account to sign up 

2. Go to the Organisation tab in the sign up form and fill in all the required details.

3. You will be then re-directed to your home need to go to the Profile tab to fill in the other details.

4.You can change the profile image, fill in the organisation description, organisation website and type, Facebook and twitter URL and also visit your  YepDesk public page






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