Online Ticketing and Payment

Are you organizing an event for the first time? Or is this your first event where tickets are involved? Are you searching for a platform where you can sell the tickets to your events as well as manage the payments made by the attendees?

YepDesk’s Online Ticketing and Payment feature is the right thing for you!

1. Start by sign up or login on YepDesk and creating your Event. 

2. Fill in all the details related to your event i.e; what ,when and where the event is happening.

3.After creating the event on YepDesk, select the event type in settings as Ticketing, you will be able to access the ticketing and payment tabs.

4. You then need to set the tickets and ticket settings.

5. Go to Ticket Categories and add ticket.


6. You will now be directed to Ticket Details which you need to fill up.


7. Once you are done filling up the details you can change the Ticket Settings.

In the ticketing tabs, you can select the various payment mode that you wish as well as the start and end dates for the ticket sales.


8. You can check your transactions in the Transactions tab.


You can keep a track of the payments received as well as manage them in transactions tab.

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